Monday, November 30, 2009

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Ohio

We had a great Thanksgiving in Ohio. We had a yummy thanksgiving feast Thursday @ my aunt Lydia's and uncle Rod's.

The next day was spent....

...watching the Choo Choo Soul Live show and meeting Genevive and DC

....taking naps

....and eating coney dogs. It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am thankful for.....

these cuties and my awesome husband!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Bubble Gum Party

Tonight was Emerson's bubble gum birthday party. Emmy and 6 of her girlfriends (+ Kaden) went to Clay Art Studio and painted pottery. The girls picked either a small animal or an ornament to paint and then we had pizza and cake. I think that all of the girls had a good time and Emmy was very excited about all of the princess and girly gifts that she came home with.

Emmy with her bubblegum machine cake

Emmy's masterpiece

Isabelle and Lindsey painting away

Perry enjoying his cake

Somehow I left the party without taking a lot of pictures, so hopefully my best friend Kristen A.K.A. photography managed to snap some cute ones with her fancy camera!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Emerson turned 4 years old yesterday. I can't believe that she is already 4. She is definitely growing up way too fast (doesn't every parent always say that). Yesterday she had school so she was able to take cupcakes to school to celebrate. After school we did crafts together and she patiently waited till Chris got home to open her presents. After presents it was off to Chili's (her restaurant of choice) for a celebration dinner. Afterward Emerson went right to bed b/c she said that she wasn't feeling good but I think that it was just a really long day for her. Her cupcakes waited until today for us to sing happy birthday to her and eat them!

Emerson acting like some sort of animal while posing for the picture

Posing with her new bitty baby twins in their matching pj's from Grandma and Grandpap

Tomorrow is Emerson's bubblegum birthday party, so I am off to finish a bubblegum machine cake!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Halloween to Remember

Fun @ the Nickelodeon Hotel
The hotel that we stayed at was definitely one of a kind. The kids loved it! They had a great pool and each room was decked out with favorite nickelodeon characters (although we had no idea who our characters were). We had a great time at the character breakfast meeting Spongebob, Dora, and Boots.

Magic Kingdom on Halloween
Disney on Halloween was great!! Even though there was record heat that day, we had an awesome time. The day was just perfect. The lines were short and we were able to go on everything we wanted to, some rides twice. The kids had so much fun going on all of the rides with their cousins. It really is the happiest place on earth!

Trick or Treating at Downtown Disney-
Well actually we decided to skip the long lines and go to Planet Hollywood instead. The next day Chris and Marc went and bought 7 bags of candy for the kids to make up for it!

We had a great vacation in Orlando last week. With the H1N1 flu going around, I just kept praying that none of us would be sick on this trip. Thankfully Kaden had the flu the week before we left, Perry got the flu towards the end of our vacation, and Emerson got came down with the flu on the way home from the airport! The timing worked out great b/c Perry was able to just sleep whenever he wanted on vacation, including at dinner and the entire 2 flights. Now we are in lockdown at our house and I am now praying that I don't get sick.