Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend in Ohio

On Friday morning we headed to Ohio for another Thanksgiving! We went down to my aunt Lydia and Uncle Rod's house. The kids had a great time at their house. My aunt pulled out an antique doll that she had and gave it and the cradle to Emmy. She named her "Lilly' and they have been inseparable ever since. Here are the kids waiting patiently for their thanksgiving dinner.

On Saturday, we took the kids to the carousel downtown. We take the kids there every time that we visit Mansfield and they love it.

This was Perry's first carousel ride

We tried to take Perry swimming but it didn't last for too long. He loved his baths so much that I thought that he would love the pool. We'll try again soon!

Kaden and Emmy got to shop at a place called "Tiny Tim's". It was a cute little shop that they have set up in downtown Mansfield, where you give the kids money and they shop for you with a helper. The kids each got $20 to spend and pick out gifts for me, Chris, and Grama, and Grandpap. I'll let you know how well they did when we open the gifts on Christmas.

We also went bowling. Both the kids enjoyed bowling and the arcade games.

My mom, Roman, Emmy, and Perry came home from Ohio earlier today. Kaden, Chris, my dad, and Evan are on their way home after going to the Browns game in Cleveland. Although the Browns lost AGAIN, I am sure that they had a good time and hopefully I will have some pics to post tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year, we went to my aunt vicki and uncle mike's house. There was a lot of us over there!! My great aunt linda and her husband nate also traveled to g.r. for thanksgiving. Perry enjoyed his own sweet potato and turkey dinner.

This was just one of the tables for dinner. There were two other tables set up in another room.

This is my grandma and grandpap. We also celebrated my grandma's birthday on thanksgiving.

Kaden, Isabelle, and Emerson

The kids playing in the "castle" under the stairs.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Perry is 7 months!

Perry turned 7 months old on Tuesday. I really can't believe that he is 7 months. I was reading in Kaden and Emmy's baby books what they were doing at 7 months and Perry is not quite there yet. Kaden was crawling all over the house and standing up in his crib and Emmy was just starting to crawl. Perry is getting better at sitting but is no where near crawling, which is just fine with me. I am enjoying having him in one spot and knowing that when I leave the room and I come back he will still be there.

The one thing that Perry has done a lot earlier than the other kids is talk. He loves to talk all of the time to whoever will listen to him. He has definitely discovered his voice. A lot of the time it is just yelling so that he can hear himself but he also says hi and today he learned to make a "woof, woof" sound when you ask him what a doggy says!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkeys Everywhere!

To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we have been busy doing lots of turkey crafts. Here are some turkey cookies that we made. We brought most of them over to a playgroup at our neighbors. Then Kaden decided that he wanted to give some to his teachers.

He was so excited to give them to his teachers. He kept asking all morning, "is it time for school yet!"

Here is Emmy's placemat she made, so that she could use it the whole month of November.

And here are the turkey cupcakes that I made for Kaden's class on Tuesday. He said that everyone loved them. These would be fun to do with the kids too but I forgot that I was going to make them until the morning that I was supposed to send them. Luckily, Perry cooperated and took a good nap that morning.
The kids have also been making trees for all that they are thankful for. I forgot to take a picture and will try to remember to when they are finished with them. Each night after dinner, kids have to put one leaf on their thanks tree and one leaf on their giving tree. It is pretty cute to hear what they are thankful for and what things they did for others that day. Emmy doesn't quite get it yet because she says that she is thankful for the leaves on the trees most nights. It is something that I plan to do every November with the kids.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Little Lady

Emerson had her "Ladybug Birthday Party" today. Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed all of the ladybugness! I am so glad that it is over so that I can relax now (at least until her family birthday party on Sunday that I still have to figure out with I am making).

Emmy and her ladybug cupcakes
It was Emmy's friend Alli's birthday today, so we sang to both of them.

Everyone enjoying their cupcakes and ladybug apples. You would be amazed what you can make look like a ladybug!

Three cute little ladybugs! For favors, I made ladybug antennas for everyone. I also made ladybug beanbags, magnets, and lollipops. It was a lot of fun crafting all of the things for the party but I have to admit that I won't mind if I don't see anything with ladybugs for awhile.

Emmy opening her presents

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Small, Mighty, & Handsome

Perry had his 6 month check-up last week and we have been so busy that I forgot to post them. He is a little guy! He only weighs 14 pounds and 4 ounces. That is only the 5th percentile for boys! His height is in the 35th percentile and his head the 50th percentile. I think that his
t-shirt describes him perfectly!

One of his favorite activities right now is playing with his feet.
He is not the best at sitting up yet. We have to keep a lot of padding behind him when he is sitting so that he doesn't fall back and hit his head.

This shows you how small he really is. Emmy's new cabbage patch doll is the same size as him ( or bigger)!

I had to add this cute picture of Perry and his friend Charlie. This is the boys at Chuck e Cheese yesterday.

Happy 3rd Birthday Emmy!

Emmy had a busy birthday yesterday!! She started off the morning with a special birthday breakfast on the very special person plate!

We met our friends Cody, Lindsey, Charlie, and Kristen at Chuck e Cheese for lunch. The kids had a great time playing games and eating pizza!

Emmy went home for a quick nap and was off to dance class. After dance class, we went out to dinner and came home to open presents.

Emmy was very excited about her new sleeping beauty dress!

Emmy had a great day and is looking forward to her ladybug birthday party with her friends on Friday and her birthday party with her cousin on Sunday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Emmy's 1st of many birthday celebrations

Since my parents are leaving for Las Vegas on Emmy's birthday, we celebrated a little bit early. Here is the cure little birthday girl with all of her presents from Grama and Grandpap!
Emmy got the cutest dollhouse and a lot of the accessories to go with it. She has been so excited about her birthday. Emerson has been talking about her birthday and her Ladybug party (you'll hear more about that later in the week) for months. Next year I am just going to tell her its her birthday on THAT day and not before so I don't need to listen to the question "Is it my birthday yet?" for months!
Grandpap took us to the Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate Emmy's birthday and my mom's birthday (which is the day after Emmy's). Emmy didn't know what to think about our chef. She was a little scared at first but warmed up to him by the end of dinner. Here she is blowing our her "candle" that he made for her.

Kaden's favorite food is shrimp, so I just had to get a picture of him with his plate full of shrimp!

Here is a pic of the whole family (minus Roman who couldn't come b/c he was on his way to Colorado). We had a great time and I am still stuffed from the lobster with egg yolk sauce (yum!).