Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

 Our first day in Orlando we visited downtown Disney.  It was raining and thunder storming all day but we still had fun at T-Rex Cafe and all of the stores at the marketplace.
 Our second day we went to Magic Kingdom and had perfect weather.  We were at the park right after opening and stayed until 11:30!  The kids did so great!  As we were leaving the park after the fireworks, Perry said "so what are we doing next?"  He wanted to continue to go on rides until the park closed at 1 am.  5 minutes later he was asleep in his stroller.  I have never seen the park so busy.  The longest line we had to wait in was to meet the princesses.  Kaden was a trooper and waited with us even though he had no desire to meet the princesses.  The only ride we missed out on was Splash Mountain b/c no one wanted to ride it with me.
Our third day we went to Hollywood Studios.  We enjoyed the parade with all of the pixar characters and Perry loved getting to meet so many characters.  Emerson's favorite was the Beauty and The Beast performance and the Ariel show.  Perry's favorite was the Playhouse Disney show and Kaden's was the Indiana Jones Stunt Show.  I took Kaden on Tower of Terror and I don't think that he will be going on it again anytime soon.  It is a bit too scary for a 7 year old!