Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Perfect Sunday Night

New Jammies
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The perfect Sunday night

Friday, October 23, 2009

Apple Picking

The great thing about our schedule this year is that Kaden and Emerson don't have school on Tuesday's or Thursday's, which allows us to be able to have lots of fun outings on those days. Luckily we waited until we finally had a nice day around here to go apple picking. We had the orchard to ourselves and the kids loved finding the perfect apples and sampling all of them to make sure that they were good.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaden!

Kaden turned 6 on Wednesday. He had a full day of school but luckily it was my day to volunteer so I was able to be there for part of it. He wore a birthday hat all day at school and enjoyed all of the attention he received. I bought in cupcakes for his class to celebrate.

After school we met Grandma and Evan at Red Lobster for dinner. I told Kaden that he could pick where we went to dinner. His first choice, of course, was the Japanese Steak House. I asked him what his second choice was and he said Red Lobster. He ordered crab legs off of the kids menu for his dinner and loved them!

Kaden had a great birthday and is really looking forward to his dinosaur birthday party tomorrow. I'm off to bake a dinosaur cake!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Fun

Found the perfect pumpkin!

Perry kept trying to eat the pumpkins when I was taking his pictures.

It was a little cold but we had a good time at the Country Basket yesterday. We had some doughnuts, cider, and apples, played in the corn and hay, chased some kittens and goats, and picked the perfect pumpkins!

MOMS Club Halloween Party

Last week we had our MOMs Club Halloween party at our social, so I was very stressed about getting the kids Halloween costumes so early. I think that this might be the last year that I can make them wear what I want them too so I wanted to do something really cute. Since we are going to be at Disney World on Halloween, I was going to go with a Disney theme. I thought that it would be cute for Kaden to be Peter Pan, Emmy to be Tinkerbell, and Perry either Captain Hook or the alligator. Unfortunately I didn't think of this far enough ahead of time to look on eBay and the costumes from the Disney store for $50 each! So we ended up at the Halloween costume store the night before the party to find costumes. There wasn't much to pick from but I think that we got the cutest of what was there. No theme really but a very cute kitty, sock monkey, and banana!

One of the moms that is on the board with me used to be a gymboree teacher. She did some really cute things with the kids and they loved it!

Picture Time! One of our members Louise volunteered to take everyones pictures. They all turned out very cute.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago!

Chris had to head to Chicago this week for a tradeshow, so the kids and I decided to tag along. What really made the decision easy for me was that he was staying at an Embassy Suites. Staying in a suite comparing to one hotel room makes such a difference when you are traveling with kids. We have spent many nights trying to get kids to sleep in hotel rooms and have still never figured out the best way to do it. It usually ends up with Chris and I and one or more kids waiting for the others to fall asleep. Plus Chris' work schedule wasn't too demanding for the time that we were there so he was able to enjoy the sights a little with us too. We went to Lincoln Park Zoo, Navy Pier, shopping on Michigan Ave., Shedd's Aquarium, and the Rainforest Cafe all in three days. It was a lot of fun but I am glad to be home. It is not wasy carting around three kids 5 and under in downtown Chicago!

We borrowed a sit and stand stroller and most of the time all 3 kids ended up on it. I felt like a little bit of a freakshow walking down the streets of Chicago. I don't think anyone has more that one kid in Chicago.

Eatting dinner @ Ed Debevic's

The Lego Store

We met our good friends Paul and Lynn and their boys @ Rainforest Cafe. The kids were a little out of control but we had a great time!

Shedd's Aquarium

Fallsburg Park

Last Saturday after we had our family pictures taken we headed over to Fallsburg Park for their Harvest Festival. The kids got to decorate pumpkins and eat elephant ears. What more could we ask for on a beautiful fall afternoon?

To check out a sneak peak of our family pictures, head over to Melissa Mooridian Photography. They turned out very cute, even though Perry was not very cooperative.