Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaden!

Kaden turned 6 on Wednesday. He had a full day of school but luckily it was my day to volunteer so I was able to be there for part of it. He wore a birthday hat all day at school and enjoyed all of the attention he received. I bought in cupcakes for his class to celebrate.

After school we met Grandma and Evan at Red Lobster for dinner. I told Kaden that he could pick where we went to dinner. His first choice, of course, was the Japanese Steak House. I asked him what his second choice was and he said Red Lobster. He ordered crab legs off of the kids menu for his dinner and loved them!

Kaden had a great birthday and is really looking forward to his dinosaur birthday party tomorrow. I'm off to bake a dinosaur cake!


ksoet said...

Happy Birthday Kaden - we are so excited to come over tomorrow!

Nethercots said...

Happy Birthday Kaden!! Amber, I LOVE his shirt...where did you get it? (Tell me you made it and I'll ask you if I can pay you to make me one!)