Monday, October 12, 2009

MOMS Club Halloween Party

Last week we had our MOMs Club Halloween party at our social, so I was very stressed about getting the kids Halloween costumes so early. I think that this might be the last year that I can make them wear what I want them too so I wanted to do something really cute. Since we are going to be at Disney World on Halloween, I was going to go with a Disney theme. I thought that it would be cute for Kaden to be Peter Pan, Emmy to be Tinkerbell, and Perry either Captain Hook or the alligator. Unfortunately I didn't think of this far enough ahead of time to look on eBay and the costumes from the Disney store for $50 each! So we ended up at the Halloween costume store the night before the party to find costumes. There wasn't much to pick from but I think that we got the cutest of what was there. No theme really but a very cute kitty, sock monkey, and banana!

One of the moms that is on the board with me used to be a gymboree teacher. She did some really cute things with the kids and they loved it!

Picture Time! One of our members Louise volunteered to take everyones pictures. They all turned out very cute.

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ksoet said...

I love the sock monkey - super cute!