Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seven Years Ago Today I Became a Mom

It seems crazy to me that seven years ago I began this adventure in motherhood.  Kaden has made my journey as a mom so fulfilling.  Kaden is such a great kid that early on I thought that his good behavior was a result of our parenting.  But I soon learned that God has blessed our family with outstanding young man that is kind, loving, smart, and a terrific son and brother.  I am so thankful for him and can't wait to see him grow into a wonderful young man (well actually I CAN wait, I wouldn't mind if we could just pause here at 7 years old b/c the past 7 years have gone way too fast).
 Kaden woke up to 100 balloons on his bedroom floor.  It was a big hit and I think that it will be a new tradition.  I just think that I might invest in a pump before Emmy's birthday next month so I don't have to blow them up myself.
Bug cupcakes as requested by Kaden.  Forest Hills has a rule that you have to buy any of the treats that you bring in from a licensed kitchen.  I cheated a little bit and ordered plain cupcakes from a bakery and then added the chocolate and candy bugs that I made myself.  They turned out really cute.

At lunch time today, I went to surprise Kaden with a happy meal from McDonalds.  I had called this morning to see what time their lunch was and the secretary told me 12:45.  I thought that was super late for 1st graders to be eating lunch, so I emailed Kaden's teacher to double check.  She confirmed that the time was 12:45.  So I picked up Emerson at noon from their school and Emmy, Perry, and I headed to McDonalds.  The kids and I quickly ate our lunch and I bought a lunch for Kaden and headed back to his school to deliver his lunch and his cupcakes for his class birthday treat.  When I arrived, his entire class was in the classroom having sharing time.  They had ALREADY had lunch.  So Kaden sat there ON HIS BIRTHDAY with no lunch.  His teacher apologized a bunch of times for telling me the wrong time while I was in the classroom and she had all of the kids get their snacks out so he wasn't eating by himself.  But I just feel so badly about it.  I know that it wasn't my fault and there was nothing that I could have done differently but I try my best to make my kids birthdays very special and that's why this is SO frustrating.  I am headed back to school to pick him up in a few minutes.  Hopefully he had a better afternoon, got some special treatment, and will soon forget about this. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kaden's Zoo Party

Kaden had his 7th birthday party at John Ball Zoo this past Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day!!  It was 78 and sunny and was the perfect day to be outside at the zoo.  We had 2 animal demonstrations, a hedgehog and a ferret, cake and ice cream, and a tour of the chimps.  The kids had a great time and it was soooo nice to not have to clean up afterwards!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family Pictures

 We had a family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago by my friend Melissa.  They went great after a rough morning.  That morning we discovered that our pet chinchilla was dying, so of course the kids were pretty upset and there were lots of tears.  Then on the way there we got lost and were 15 minutes late.  Luckily once we got there the kids were very agreeable and we got lots of smiles (there may have been some bribes involved).  Thanks so much Melissa!!  We LOVE them!