Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seven Years Ago Today I Became a Mom

It seems crazy to me that seven years ago I began this adventure in motherhood.  Kaden has made my journey as a mom so fulfilling.  Kaden is such a great kid that early on I thought that his good behavior was a result of our parenting.  But I soon learned that God has blessed our family with outstanding young man that is kind, loving, smart, and a terrific son and brother.  I am so thankful for him and can't wait to see him grow into a wonderful young man (well actually I CAN wait, I wouldn't mind if we could just pause here at 7 years old b/c the past 7 years have gone way too fast).
 Kaden woke up to 100 balloons on his bedroom floor.  It was a big hit and I think that it will be a new tradition.  I just think that I might invest in a pump before Emmy's birthday next month so I don't have to blow them up myself.
Bug cupcakes as requested by Kaden.  Forest Hills has a rule that you have to buy any of the treats that you bring in from a licensed kitchen.  I cheated a little bit and ordered plain cupcakes from a bakery and then added the chocolate and candy bugs that I made myself.  They turned out really cute.

At lunch time today, I went to surprise Kaden with a happy meal from McDonalds.  I had called this morning to see what time their lunch was and the secretary told me 12:45.  I thought that was super late for 1st graders to be eating lunch, so I emailed Kaden's teacher to double check.  She confirmed that the time was 12:45.  So I picked up Emerson at noon from their school and Emmy, Perry, and I headed to McDonalds.  The kids and I quickly ate our lunch and I bought a lunch for Kaden and headed back to his school to deliver his lunch and his cupcakes for his class birthday treat.  When I arrived, his entire class was in the classroom having sharing time.  They had ALREADY had lunch.  So Kaden sat there ON HIS BIRTHDAY with no lunch.  His teacher apologized a bunch of times for telling me the wrong time while I was in the classroom and she had all of the kids get their snacks out so he wasn't eating by himself.  But I just feel so badly about it.  I know that it wasn't my fault and there was nothing that I could have done differently but I try my best to make my kids birthdays very special and that's why this is SO frustrating.  I am headed back to school to pick him up in a few minutes.  Hopefully he had a better afternoon, got some special treatment, and will soon forget about this. 

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