Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkeys Everywhere!

To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we have been busy doing lots of turkey crafts. Here are some turkey cookies that we made. We brought most of them over to a playgroup at our neighbors. Then Kaden decided that he wanted to give some to his teachers.

He was so excited to give them to his teachers. He kept asking all morning, "is it time for school yet!"

Here is Emmy's placemat she made, so that she could use it the whole month of November.

And here are the turkey cupcakes that I made for Kaden's class on Tuesday. He said that everyone loved them. These would be fun to do with the kids too but I forgot that I was going to make them until the morning that I was supposed to send them. Luckily, Perry cooperated and took a good nap that morning.
The kids have also been making trees for all that they are thankful for. I forgot to take a picture and will try to remember to when they are finished with them. Each night after dinner, kids have to put one leaf on their thanks tree and one leaf on their giving tree. It is pretty cute to hear what they are thankful for and what things they did for others that day. Emmy doesn't quite get it yet because she says that she is thankful for the leaves on the trees most nights. It is something that I plan to do every November with the kids.

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Lauren Rue said...

Cute idea with the leaf tree! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!