Monday, April 27, 2009

A weekend full of celebrating!

We spent the weekend celebrating Perry's first birthday. On his birthday, we celebrated by going to the zoo and later going out to eat. It was a fun day and we managed to escape the rain while we were at the zoo. Here are a few pics I took of him that morning.

"That's right I'm 1!!!"

Excited about all of his presents

Playing the new guitar

His first taste of cake!

He finally decided to dive right in after hesitating for awhile

We had a family birthday party for Perry and Elise on Sunday. It was a lot of fun celebrating their 1st and 2nd birthdays together.

The cute birthday boy and girl

The Crew
I think that Perry had a great first birthday!! We had a wonderful time celebrating all weekend. And on his birthday, he first tooth finally started poking though! He was busy all day today playing with his new toys. He is also getting much closer to walking. He will stand and balance by himself for quite awhile and he wants to walk holding hands all day long. He really only uses my fingers for balance and walks on his own. So I don't think that walking will be as far off as I originally thought.

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