Friday, March 12, 2010

Our downtown adventure

Last Saturday night we went downtown to go to a Griffins game.   We hadn't been to a game all season so we decided it was finally time to take the kids and they were very excited.  After parking at the very top of the ramp and walking over to the Van Andel, we found out that the Griffins game was sold out.  We couldn't believe it.  We have been to many games that most of the upper level is empty.  They were selling tickets for $10 that would get you in the door but wouldn't get you a seat.  We obviously decided that wasn't a good idea for us and tried to decide what else we should do.  We had already had dinner so we decided to go have dessert with the kids.  We went to 2 different places that had over 30 minute waits.  We were just headed home when we spotted the horse-drawn carriages.  Since we didn't have any luck doing anything else we decided to spurge for a ride around downtown.  The kids said that the horse ride was way better than a hockey game.  It ended up being a really fun night!

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Deb Perry said...

What a great idea! Definitely a different experience than a hockey game!