Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Easter!

We have never really established any traditions for Easter since some years we are on vacation and if we aren't on vacation our extended family may be.  This year we had just gotten back from Florida and we seemed to have bought the nice weather with us.  It was beautiful for Easter!  It ended up being 75 degrees and sunny.  On Good Friday we did a Easter egg hunt outside and it was 82 degrees!  On Easter we went to Blythfield with my parents and brothers after church.  It was a very nice brunch and they had a petty zoo set up outside for the kids.  Afterwards we headed home and the kids stayed busy most of the day with all of their new things from the Easter bunny.

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Holly said...

Perry looks so big! What sweet pics! Miss you guys! Also, have bad news...my cousin is getting married over Labor Day this year and we will never be forgiven if we don't go so I don't think we'll be making it this year. =( I am so sad about it and truly contemplated skipping the wedding until my family got upset with me. =)