Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Little Fish

Kaden is on the swim team for the first time this summer.  He is absolutely loving it!  He couldn't be happier that he gets to swim almost everyday.  He has had 2 meets already and swam the freestyle, backstroke, and freestyle relay in each meet.  So far he has earned every ribbon except a first place ribbon so he is hoping to get one of those soon.  He has a signature dolphin move that is very cute but isn't exactly helping him to win any races.
This was from the first meet at Blythefield.  It was in the 90's that day and Emerson and Perry were such troopers for making it through the 3+ hour swim meet.

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Deb Perry said...

It was interclub today, July 21st, and it was held at Rockford High School. It was a long day and very hot and humid indoors. Emmy and Perry did great and I got a few comments stating so. They love cheering Kaden on. Perry was so into it that I had to tell him he could stop cheering now because Kaden was already out of the water and Mommy had him wrapped in his towel. Kaden has improved so much since the start of swim team. He did end up getting a few 1st place ribbons to add to his collection. He is definitely a Barracuda (with dolphin tendencies)! I am indeed a proud Grama!