Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kaden's First Day of School

Kaden had his first day of school today. He is going to Young 5's this year at Knapp Charter Academy. Here are some picks before he was off to school!

Kaden had a great day at school! He said that he really liked his new teacher. I made these cupcakes for him for a surprise after school. But when I arrived at school another mom had made the same exact cupcakes for the entire class. Kaden didn't seem to mind too much that he got to have two special back to school cupcakes. I think that I will make this a tradition and make them every year!

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Holly Christoffels said...

Hi! The cupcakes turned out so cute! What a lucky kid! =) It looks like he wasn't nervous at all! Hope you have a great week! Kennedy started preschool last Wed. and loves it.