Sunday, September 28, 2008

Perry is 5 months!

Perry was 5 months on Thursday! I can't believe that he is 5 months old already. He is busy trying new foods, so far peaches is his favorite. I have been making all of his baby food, which has sort of become a new hobby of mine. He is going to bed a little earlier at night, which is a big relief for Chris and I but he is still quite the catnapper during the day! He has starting getting a rash on his face, which makes us wonder if he is allergic to milk like Emerson was at his age. I cut out all dairy from to diet to see if it makes a difference for him. Hopefully that will work!


Nethercots said...

Your kids are adorable! Maybe some day we'll be able to get together and let the kids play again! Hope all is going well!

Renee said...

Where did you get all of Perry's adorable "month old" shirts? They are so cute!