Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last week but there just hasn't been a lot going on around here. It is freezing outside, so we have just been hibernating and trying to find fun things to do indoors. The windchill was -13 degrees this morning, so no playing outside in the snow for us (which I am not really complaining about ). This morning I had planned a couple of fun winter crafts for us to do before Kaden went to school. My plan got sidetracked though when there was a pretty bad accident right in front of our house. The kids spent the next hour and a half watching the ambulance, fire truck, tow trucks, and police cars. Luckily, it looked like everyone was going to be okay!

The kids kept running back and forth between the living room and dining room to see which had the better view.
We were finally able to get to our crafts! We made melted snowmen. The kids put lots of glue (what kid doesn't love playing with glue) on wax paper and added eyes, nose, arms, scarf, and buttons.

Emmy's finished snowman. That cheesy smile is all I can get out of her lately for the camera. We are still waiting for the snowmen to dry so that we can play with them. We also made snowflakes out of coffee filters and painted them with water colors.

Perry is still not crawling! Here is a picture of me attempting to make him get his toys. He just decided that he would rather put his head down and relax then try to get them himself. He is not a big fan of being on his tummy. He loves sitting up and playing and having his brother or sister bring him whatever toys he wants.

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Renee said...

I had fun scrapbooking with you last night!