Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Reality

Well, Chris went back to work today after having two weeks off. Usually I am ready for things to go back to normal and for Chris to get back to work and Kaden back to school but it was so nice to have everyone home over break. We didn't do a lot just had some good family time and hung out. Perry decided to become a marathon sleeper over break. He usually sleeps from 7:15 at night till 9 am and then takes 2 two hour naps during the day. It was so nice to just let him make his own schedule for once and not have to worry about having to wake the little guy up. He also discovered his voice. He yells alot!! Not because he is mad but because he wants to hear himself. He also started saying "da da", clapping, signing "more", and "all done" all over Christmas break.

Here is a pic from Perry's first bath with his big bro and sister. He loved it!

Over break, we made some updates to the playroom. Here is how it turned out.


Melissa said...

The video of Perry is adorable! Reece and him would be best of buds if we lived closer! The playroom looks great - very cute ideas. I am turning our dining room into a playroom for's not as cute as yours though.

ksoet said...

fresh post request - you know I am a blog stalker...give us something to new to peek at while we are stuck inside!