Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's official...

Kaden is now riding on two wheels. Kaden has needed a new tube for his bike for awhile and Sunday we finally got around to getting him one. Once Chris fixed his wheel, Kaden told him to take off his training wheels. Kaden rode with Chris hanging on to him for a little while that night but it was pretty late so he didn't get to practice for too long. The next morning he woke up and that was all him wanted to do. He had it down in no time. I guess I didn't realize how quickly kids learn to ride their bikes. Today he is completely independent on his bike. He starts riding all by himself and is even skidding out and leaving tire tracks on the sidewalk in typical boy fashion.

He couldn't stop smiling the entire time he was riding. He was so proud!
I had to throw this picture in. Perry just loves his new firetruck. He spends a lot of time hanging out in it and cheering his brother on.

Chris was really multi-tasking. Teaching Kaden how to ride his bike, keeping Perry entertained, and trying to lay sod.

Check out the video of him learning yesterday.

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