Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Brunch

Last weekend we went to Cascade Country Club for our annual Santa brunch. I wasn't sure how the meeting with Santa was going to go since we hadn't seen Santa yet this year. I have to say that this year was probably the best yet. Perry wouldn't sit on Santa's lap but he let me hold him next to Santa. Kaden asked Santa for legos and Emerson asked him for girl legos. There have been lots of questions about Santa around here lately. Kaden is definitely trying to figure out all of the details about Santa. His latest question was "does Santa ever die?" I wasn't quite sure how to answer that one. Any advice is welcome :)

All of the cousins with the newest addition, Milana
(can you believe how coordinated they all are, we didn't even plan that)

Our attempt at the annual family Christmas photo, it gets harder and harder every year


ksoet said...

cute top, Am - Oh, cute family, too!!!

CTMontpetit said...

Isabelle just asked us tonight how old Santa was. We were stumped, couldn't even come up with a creative answer. The questions are only going to get harder every year!