Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Day!

The kids had a snow day from school today and since it was the first snowfall of the season we were outside playing in the snow by 9:30. I forgot just how hard it is to get everyone dressed in all of their snow gear. I am thankful that I have at least one that can dress himself. So it took us a 1/2 an hour to get dressed and we were probably only outside for a 1/2 an hour.

Kaden has always loved the snow and has been waiting patiently for it for over a month. He was very happy this morning when he woke up and saw all of the snow.

I was surprised how much Perry liked the snow. I always think that it is hard to play in the snow at his age b/c they can hardly walk in their snow pants and boots. I took him and placed him the middle of the backyard and he just stood there smiling. Half of his body was covered by the snow but he loved it. He really had fun when Kaden, Emmy, and I started having a snowball fight. I had to make him come in after his mittens and hat were wet. He just keep saying, "Snow, outside, snow, outside". He repeated that all day! I guess we are going to have to get him a second him of mittens so he can stay out there longer.

Emerson was loving the snow today too. Last year she would always stay inside with me. Today Kaden and Emmy continued to play for awhile after Perry and I came inside.

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