Monday, February 22, 2010

Hitting the Slopes

 Yesterday Kaden went skiing for the first time.  Kaden LOVES any sport that takes place in the winter so I was guessing that he was also going to love skiing.  His cousins have started skiing recently and they were going to go on Sunday, so we decided to join them.  I used to ski in middle school and high school but I hadn't been skiing since the one time that I went in college.  I was a little bit worried about trying to teach Kaden how to ski since I hadn't been skiing in so long.  But he was a natural!  The hardest part was teaching him to go up the tow rope on the bunny hill.  After a few tries, he got it and went up and down the bunny hill more times than I could count.  Before we left he even went up a chair lift with me and we slowly ventured down the double hill together.  He is already asking for skiis for his birthday in October so that he can go skiing right away when it snows next winter.  Hopefully we will be able to get out one more time before winter is over this year.  I might send Chris with him next time though b/c I am very sore today!

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