Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Perry is 3 months!

Perry will be 3 months on Friday so I took the pictures a little early since we will be up north. Although everyone tells me that the fussiness will stop at 3 months, we have not seen any changes yet. He is all smiles after he eats for about 20 minutes. After that we spend most of our time pacing around the house and bouncing him. I am breaking all the rules that I had with the other kids. He takes his naps either in our arms, his swing, or when we are in the car (but only if the car is moving, if we stop the screaming starts). He spends about half of the night in bed with me. I start out by putting him in his bassinet but usually about 4 or 5am he ends up staying in bed with us because I am just to tired to get up and put him back. Although I am breaking all of my own rules, I am not worried about it because it just survival right now. Even with all of this, I am really enjoying him being a baby!

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