Wednesday, July 16, 2008

World Cup Soccer~ Tiny Tots Style

Kaden joined his first soccer team a couple of weeks ago. It is definitely a work in progress. So far, we are just working on making sure that the ball is moving towards the right goal and not using hands.
On Kaden's first day of practice, we found out that they didn't have a coach for his team yet. Chris volunteered and is now the coach for "Team Royal".

The hardest part of going to Kaden's games and practices has been keeping Emmy on the sidelines. She so badly wants to get out there and play (especially when Daddy is coaching). It would be nice if there was a separate field for all of the 2 year old siblings that want to play. This is a picture of Emmy stretching on the sidelines, just like the "big" kids.

Kaden had his first game tonight. He wasn't really too excited about playing, since he had a busy day of camp at farm school and swimming the rest of the afternoon. He voluntarily took himself out of the game numerous times to rest!

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