Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

We went over to my mom's on Christmas Eve. We had a great time! My parents spoiled us and the kids again this year with lots of good food and presents. We spent most of the day there, so the kids were actually able to get out their new presents and play with most of them.

Perry helping Grandpap open his present.

Kaden's new playmobil ship. Grandma totally surprised Kaden and me when she bought this for him (he has been asking for his for awhile).

The biggest surprise was the day before Christmas eve when a horse name "Smores" (which they have changed her name to Paige) arrived for the kids. My Grandpap (their Pop Pop) bought the kids a horse that talks, pretends to walk, and looks at you when you talk. It is really cool and the kids love it. They have been busy feeding her carrots and brushing her. Even Perry loves her. Every time she talks, he gets so excited.

After we got back from my moms, we threw reindeer dust over our yard so that the reindeer could find our house. Then they were off to bed. I wish Santa could come every night because it was the first night in a long time that we didn't hear from them again until morning!

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