Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Gingerbread Creation

We have been stuck in the house for what seems like 2 weeks now because of all of the snow we have been getting. Really it has only been since Friday but that is a REALLY long time with three young kids. Luckily I had some things for us to do before the storm hit. Plus our UPS man has played Santa Claus the last couple of days and I have just passed out gifts as we received them just so I could stay sane. Today we made a gingerbread house. The kids did really well. A lot of candy was eatten and I am not sure if I will get a nap out of Emmy this afternoon but they had fun and they worked together nicely.

The complete gingerbread house! I think that it is pretty good for their first one. Kaden is sporting his new haircut in the picture! Doesn't he look cute?? He looks so much older!

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ksoet said...

LOVE the haricut, Kaden! You'll have to teach Cody how to spike it for a new look for the new year! Have a great Christmas!
love, Kris