Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Perry is 8 months, well almost!

Since Perry turns 8 months on Christmas day I took his pictures today so I wouldn't forget with all of the celebrating. He, of course, was all smiles for the camera again. This kid loves it when I get out my camera. I guess I train my kids well because all three of my kids enjoy their time in front of a camera.

Perry is "SO BIG". He started doing "so big" about a month ago and loves to tell everyone that he is "so big".
Perry is sleeping much better! He sleeps though the night and sometimes even til 9 in the morning. His naps could still use some work but that is okay. He loves his cheerios and fruit puffs and I think that he is starting to put on some weight. He doesn't like any baby toys, he only likes what his brother and sister are playing with, so we have a lot of work to do before he starts crawling and getting into everything.

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