Monday, February 2, 2009

Music City, USA

Last Thursday I tagged along with Chris on a business trip to Nashville. He has gone there so many times this past year and has asked me to come along but it never really worked out. So, it finally worked for Grandma to take the kids and for me to come along. We had a really great time!! Chris spent his days working and I spent my days sleeping, watching movies, reading, working out, at Starbucks, and lounging in the hot tub. It might sound boring to you but it was heaven to me! After spending day after day busy with 3 kids, it was nice to just relax and do nothing. After Chris was done working we spent our nights going out to dinner and exploring all of the country music that Nashville has to offer. We had a great time and we very thankful that Grandma could give us a break and take great care of the kids.

This is one of the only pictures that I took (I just don't take as many pictures when I am not with the kids). Chris was singing a little Johnny Cash at a karaoke bar that we went to with another couple that we had met down there.

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