Friday, August 28, 2009

Chuck e Cheese

Kaden has been hoping for rain on a Wednesday all summer, so that we could go to Chuck e Cheese with Grama. Finally this Wednesday it rained in the morning and was a cool enough day that we couldn't do a pool day. So off we went to Chuck e Cheese. It was a lot different this time than last. When we first started going, you didn't even need to give the kids tokens. They would just walk around and climb on things. This time they went through 100 tokens faster than I ever thought they could. Last time we went Perry just rode around in his stroller and took in the sights. Wednesday Perry wanted to be included on all of the action, including playing games and riding rides. The kids had a great time and already are asking when we can go back.

This was Perry's favorite ride. It was a horse ride where there was a video like you where in a horse race. It really jerked you around but Perry loved it. I wish that I would have taken a video b/c it was pretty funny.

Kaden turned out to be quite the driver. He kept getting the time extended, so we were on that ride for almost 5 minutes!

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