Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A lot of Hot Lava!

So, if your kids are anything like mine, you hear a lot of talk about hot lava. I have no idea with the obsession with hot lava is but it is talked about around here multiple times per day. So I decided that the kids and I should make a volcano with some hot lava. I have wanted to do this for awhile but we waited for a rainy day to finally try it. It was a big hit. The kids are already asking when we can do it again. I found that directions here and it was very easy and not as messy as I thought it would be.

Perry was excited to join us at the table for the project and not in his highchair.

Mixing the dough for the mountain

Our completed mountain with a flow of hot lava

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Boy Crazy said...

Amber, this is great! And my boys are always talking about hot lava too. I'm laughing out loud because I didn't realize this was a Kid Universal. :) So cute.