Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Boo Boo

Perry got his first BIG boo boo on Thursday. I was downstairs trying to take advantage of only having one kid at home with me while Kaden and Emerson were at vacation bible school and Perry fell on the cement basement floor. It was the biggest goose egg that I have ever seen. It took Perry quite awhile to calm down after his fall, so I started to get a little worried. I ended calling the nurse at his doctor's b/c it was nap time and I was afraid to put him down for a nap. After talking with the nurse for awhile, she thought that it was okay to put him down for a one hour nap. I had to watch him carefully for the next 72 hours, which meant waking him up at night to make sure he was okay. It looks much better now and I am just glad we are not taking pictures anytime soon.


ksoet said...

WOW - that really is big! Hope he is healing and happy now!


Lauren Rue said...

You can tell he is still smiling behind his binky. Kids are so resilent!

Melissa Mooradian Photography said...

That is the biggest boo boo I have ever seen. Poor guy:( I hope it doesn't turn into a giant bruise.