Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today is Chris' 30th Birthday. Hopefully the kids and I made it a special day for him. After letting him sleep in this morning, we made him blueberry pancakes with the fresh blueberries that we picked this weekend. The kids made a scavenger hunt for Chris about the 30 reasons that we love him. Then we went to church and they did not have to page us to come and get Perry (something that hasn't happened in a long time), so that was Perry's gift to Chris. We went out to lunch and then Chris, Kaden, and Emmy took a bike ride and went on a nature walk. We finished the night off at the Japanese Steak House and home for cake. It was a relaxing but fun day.

The kids insisted that Chris had 30 candles on his cake.

Here are the 30 of the many reasons that the kids came up with for loving Chris
1. He fishes with me
2. He taught me to ride without training wheels
3. He brings us to the pet store and lets us stay as long as we want
4. He works hard and we spend his money
5. He rocks me at night when I cry
6. He plays I spy with me
7. Daddy picks up toys for us and mommy makes us do it
8. He watches animal planet with me
9. He reads a story to us every night
10. He drove us all the way to Okoboji and Florida
11. He is smart and nice
12. He takes us on nature walks
13. He swims with us at the beach and makes good sandcastles
14. He is always excited to watch us
15. Emmy says that he likes to talk to mommy
16.He builds good campfires
17. He likes to draw and color
18. He is good at catching fireflies
19. He takes us to church almost every Sunday
20. He always gets me water with ice
21. We take our bikes to go get ice cream
22. He dances with me
23. He takes us to concerts and lets us stay up late
24. He laughs at our jokes
25. He is good at building with blocks and legos
26. He takes good care of us
27. He is good at grilling
28. He is never too busy for us
29. We have popcorn and watch movies together
30. He is the best husband and dad that we could ask for!!!

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ksoet said...

I love the kids reasons...he gets my vote for being a great dad and husband too! Happy Birthday Chris-