Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have a 5 year old!!

Kaden officially turned 5 yesterday! He had a really great day. After school, Grandma and Grandpap came over on their way back from Cleveland (Go Browns!!!). We opened presents and had cake. Then we went out to dinner. We told Kaden that we could go anywhere he wanted and he choose Bud and Stanley's ( he is a sucker for those toys that they give you to play with there).
All Kaden really wanted for his birthday was playmobil, especially the hospital. So, he was very excited when he opened the hospital from Grandma and Grandpap. Chris spent the whole evening putting it together. It was ready for him to play with first thing in the morning (and he woke up really early to start playing). Kaden said, "Mom, I love my presents so much that I can't stop playing with them."
I was too tired to make more cupcakes for his official birthday after making the shark cupcakes and treats for his party at school yesterday. So, Grandpap picked up an ice cream cake for Kaden (it even had a shark).
Chris was able to spend the day with Kaden at school yesterday on his birthday. Chris was a "Watchdog" (a program where dads volunteer at the school) yesterday at Knapp Charter. Kaden loved having daddy at school with him. Kaden and his buddies even performed a puppet show for him!

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