Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Today was a beautiful day in Michigan!! It was perfect weather for trick or treating! This year Kaden came up with the idea for their costumes. A couple of months ago Kaden decided that he was going to be a beekeeper, Perry was going to be a bee, and Emmy should be a flower. So, I went on a hunt for those costumes. I think that this might be the last year that they will go along with themed costumes, so I ran with it! Our night of trick or tricking started off great and ended up with me calling poison control!! Kaden bit into a glow stick that I had gotten for Emmy and swallowed the liquid. You could see the liquid glowing on his lips, in his mouth, and in his throat. He started screaming as soon as he swallowed it. I knew that it was non-toxic but I thought that I would call poison control anyways to see what we should do. The lady was very nice and said that they get calls like mine all of the time on Halloween. She said to give him a glass of milk and after 15-20 minutes he will be fine. She was right. We gave him a glass of milk and put on Halloween Dora and by the end of the show he was fine!!

For dinner, I made the kids mummy dogs. Perry's special treat for Halloween was trying cheerios for the first time. He loved them! He surprised us by picking them up right away and putting them right in his mouth! What a big boy!

Every year, our tree over our driveway falls in one day. Yesterday the tree fell, so the kids have had fun playing in all of the leaves! I think that we have a lot of raking to do this weekend!

What a cute little spider!! Thanks Cody for letting us borrow it!


Renee said...

What a great idea Kaden had, they all look great!

Lauren Rue said...

That's too funny that we both have popcorn for dinner on Sunday nights. Eric and I both did that growing up and enjoy doing it with our kids too. Blogger question for you---Do you save your post on any other location? Do you print it out or can you send it somewhere to be made into an album? I just want to keep it all safe. I am new to the blogger world so I need some help! :)