Saturday, October 25, 2008

Perry is 6 months!

Perry is 6 months old today!! Although he is all smiles for pictures, he still is a bit of a fussy butt! He is lucky that he is so darn cute! He takes naps a little bit better (which makes me very happy) but he is still having trouble sleeping at night. He knows that mommy is pushover this time ( he is my last baby - I can't help it) and just gets up and feeds him instead of letting him cry. This would have never worked for Kaden or Emmy.

Perry is still not rolling over!!! He is sitting up better and will probably be sitting on his own real soon. Side note -Chris is not very happy about these leg warmers that I put Perry in!! I had bought a couple pairs for Emmy and got Perry a pair too for when he is crawling around our wood floors. I think that they are cute!!

Perry tried pumpkin tonight for the first time. He did not like it!! So far, he has liked all of the baby food that I have made for him except for pumpkin and carrots.

Perry can drink out of a cup now! One of Perry's favorite things to do right now is to jump in his doorway jumper, check out the video below!

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