Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's a Shark Party!

This afternoon Kaden had his much anticipated Shark Party! It was a beautiful day for a outdoor birthday party. We played a few shark games (which did not take up as much time as I had planned), ate shark cupcakes, and opened some shark themed presents.

Some of the kids and I playing "Minnow, Minnow, Shark"
Kaden and his shark cupcakes
The cupcakes turned out really cute and were a lot of fun to make
Kaden was excited to start opening presents!

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Nethercots said...

Hi Amber! Looks like the party was a blast. Thanks so much for letting D.Jay & Ty stay and hang out. Not sure why Ethan was so shy! He told me he was too embarrassed he'd forget some of the other kid's names. :) Who knows. Thanks anyway, I hope you guys had lots of fun!